World Tour Wrap-Up

13 months ago we didn’t have a clear vision what lay in front of us. We knew that we wanted to travel, to explore the world and to expose ourselves to new environments and cultures. We wanted to test our resiliency in the face of foreign challenges. Tiffany and Brian had always travelled for workContinue reading “World Tour Wrap-Up”


CreeperPuppy bounced out of bed this morning ready to jump in the van. A surprise after three long days of driving but he was excited to get home! We all were but the kids are most of all. We have been truly amazed at how resilient the kids have been for the last 13 months.Continue reading “Home!”

Travel Home; Day 3

One of the things about long road trips, where you are in the car for 8+ hours is the need for a variety of activities for the passengers. In our car today, the kids watched 2 movies (Lion King and Zootopia), listened to parts of 2 audiobooks and played a rousing game of DnD withContinue reading “Travel Home; Day 3”

Travel Home; Day 2

About 10 years ago, Brian and Tiffany read a magazine article about a new museum focused on American Art that had a huge endowment 4 times that of the Whitney. Unlike most museums, it would not be housed in an old palace or renaissance/marble equivalent. This was to be in a new facility nestled inContinue reading “Travel Home; Day 2”

Travel Home; Day 1

It feels like we’ve been slowly making our way home since we left London at the end of June. We’ve been creeping westward with each of our destinations but the main focus of our New York, Leesburg and Union Pier stops were fun and family. Today was different. Today was all about making rapid progressContinue reading “Travel Home; Day 1”


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