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London, United Kingdom; Day 5

For our last day in Europe we packed in a few more activities around London. Our first stop was the Tower of London (with a better view of Big Ben on the way). Initially built in the 11th century the Tower of London served as a royal residence, a defensive structure and a prison over…

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London, United Kingdom; Day 4

Yesterday, we visited the West End to see a stage production and talked about the kid’s current obsession with Percy Jackson and the Olympians. But before Percy, there was obsession with Wings of Fire. Before that was Lemony Snicket and his Unfortunate Events. But the big one, the one that started it all, is of…

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London, United Kingdom; Day 3

Today’s Adventures centered around a trip to London’s famous Theatre district – The West End. None of the 5 of us had ever seen a show there so it was something new for everyone. For the kids it was essentially their first big time theatre experience. We caught a black cab again to get to…

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London, United Kingdom; Day 2

We had a lovely Saturday walking from our flat in Pimlico through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens before wrapping up the day back at a pub eating fish and chips. We started the morning by walking over to Buckingham Palace to pay our respects to the current Queen and to marvel at the Queen Victoria…

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London, United Kingdom; Day 1

Our travel days are dwindling and based on today’s experience we’re ok with that. We ended up booking a flight to get from Amsterdam to London rather than continuing our Eurrail Adventures. We missed out on going through the Chunnel which would have been novel but at the time, booking a quick flight seemed the…

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