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February 6, 2022

My day.


This is a jam about my awesome school day with my family. First, we had to wake up super early at 3:30 AM. Next, we drove to a hot air balloon and flew up in the air for about an hour. After we landed and ate a delicious breakfast. Then, we drove to the river and had a good lunch. Lastly, we drove home. Wait!!! I’m missing something….. Oh yeah! The animals! I saw the whole cast of the Lion King. That was my jam about my awesome school day with my family!

September 20 – CreeperPuppy Writing Assignment – The Hamburger Story Part 1

Hello followers, how are you? Good? Okay great, let’s get started. Once upon a time a hamburger took over the world. Okay seriously? Fine, we’ll start from the beginning. Once upon a time an evil scientist was working on something. The something was a giant hamburger! When the scientist unleashed the hamburger, the hamburger ran out of the factory and terrorized the world. End of part one. Find out what happens in the next part!

September 22 – CreeperPuppy Writing Assignment – The Hamburger Story (part 2)

The hamburger stomped and stomped around destroying buildings. The people were terrified! The hamburger destroyed a green building then a blue one. But then a man was like “Wait a minute isn’t the hamburger real?” He ran to the hamburger and jumped on it and took a bite. The hamburger screamed super loud! All the townspeople jumped on the hamburger and took a bite too. Soon enough the hamburger was gone. But then the townspeople heard a sound.THE END find out what happens in the next book! See ya!

November 18 – CreeperPuppy Writing Assignment – The Hamburger Story (Book 2, Part 1)

The sound got louder and louder until it was the only thing they could hear! Until they saw it. A HUGE ICE CREAM CONE! Everybody ran inside. Well… not everybody. The people whose homes (the blue and green buildings) got destroyed had to hide in the alleyways. But then the ice cream cone saw the people in the alleyways. The ice cream cone grabbed them. They screamed super loud! Then the ice cream cone ate them. Everybody inside was horrified. The next day the ice cream cone had not destroyed any buildings. The next few days the townspeople stayed away from doors, and windows. But one day, in late December the ice cream cone kicked all the buildings down! But don’t worry the people didn’t get hurt. They ran out of the buildings before the buildings came crashing down. The people were very cold (because it was winter). The people ran behind a store. Find out what happens in the next part! See ya!

September 20 – CreeperKitty Writing Assignment

Hello everybody! Today, I am going to tell an amazing story That I wrote myself. It’s called: The Enormous pancake

Steve liked to eat pancakes. And I mean, truckloads of them. But he never made them himself. One day, he decided to make one. But instead of water, he put in a nuclear substance. The pancake grew and grew to the size of a blue whale. It broke Steve’s rump and his elbow and destroyed his house. Soon, the army arrived with a helicopter load of maple syrup and four truckloads of butter. They poured it on the gigantic pancake. Steve barely survived the disaster. But he still loved to eat pancakes. THE END Wasn’t that fun? I’ll see you later

August 6 Updates from Costa Rica from Suaram – It’s been a while since I have really reported an opinion about the trip. So I’m giving you trivia.

Is this Costa Rica?
How about this?
Maybe this?
This could be it?

I’ll show you again, except this time you guess before you look. The answers are below the pictures.

Take a guess!

Here they are again.

Maddens at Gull Lake, Minnesota
Crater Lake, Oregon
Catalina Island, California
This one’s Costa Rica!

I hope you stay tuned, because that is all for tonight. See you! – from Suaram

August 6 from CreeperKitty – we are almost done with our first day at Costa Rica and it’s been so much fun so far. We had a great lunch at Tierra mar which is an average Spanish restaurant in Liberia. Then we went to the condo and settled in a bit. Lastly, we ate dinner and did tablets until mine ran out of power and mom stopped us. I’m afraid I have to go now so stay tuned for more kids corner.

August 1st – Story Ideas from Suaram – Stories are strange things. They come in any shape. There could be a knight saving a princess from a dragon. Or there could be a normal middle school kid plotting his revenge against his older brother or seething principal. Maybe a lumberjack with superstrength befriends a unicorn. Let’s see some ideas.

The lady was an artistic soul. Her ears and nose were both pierced, noticed Jake. She wore long necklaces down to her waist and bangle bracelets as well as a shirt with no shoulders and no fingers but otherwise tight-fitting. And then she looked at me. She smiled, revealing one golden tooth. One golden tooth. It was a miracle that Jake had come face to face with his long-lost mother.

This story is a tale about high-school teenager named Jake and a widowed ‘witch’ that lives across the street. The woman tells him about his mother and how to find her.

The toothpaste was close to empty, and my heart was pounding. I quickly squelched a small bit of minty toothpaste, the kind nobody likes, onto Mr C’s sandwich. Then it was time to pour the mayonnaise. With some luck, the toothpaste would be hidden inside the mayonnaise. Now for the pepper. It was only put in to hide the mint scent. It would be told to Mr. C that there was pepper in the ham, but it was really in the bread.

This story is about a middleschooler that has a habit of playing pranks, but one prank too much results in punishment: him climbing around in the vents searching for a lost ball, with an obnoxious little brother trailing behind.

“The scarecrow isn’t working, Father. The bird is still here.” Emily whined. She hated the bird. Hated it!

July 14, 2021 from Suaram –  First, I’d love to mention that I’ve already seen a lot of Yellowstone National Park’s thermal features. It wouldn’t be Yellowstone without them! Second, Mom and Dad have been giving us summer school (even though we tell you how NOT FAIR it is. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!

Well, I mentioned this because Mom has been reading a story about Yellowstone called The Growling Bear Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner. It taught us about Yellowstone before we arrived! We finished last night. I hope you stay listening to the kids section of our website!

July 8, 2021 from CreeperPuppy – I can’t believe are already in Butte Montana. the house we rented we have all to ourselves.

July 5 from CreeperPuppy – Glacier National park is a lot of fun and a lot of work too. I can barely keep up with the work. right now I’m not in a good mood. trust me you may be in a bad mood also.always stay tuned! you’re awesome!

July 3 – A campfire story by Suaram – Once there was a land immersed in flames. The sparks that lived there were very hot. One day, one of them decided to go to the volcano. “I’ll be fine,” he told the others. He climbed the enormous mountain that was black and charred. A squishy white thing on a stick hovered above him. He grabbed on. “My marshmallow’s on fire!” said a voice. The spark was flung into the air. A man frowned and dumped his white thing into the fire. The spark could see the valley where he lived under the mountain (which was actually a giant log of wood) in the giant bonfire. The wind picked him up and blew him to an extremely flammable plant. It caught fire, and soon the whole forest was ablaze. Soon the firemen came and helped control the flames to help the forest. They also put out the bonfire where all of the memories the spark remembered were.  After the fire, new trees grew. They were soon chopped down to make firewood. They were sold to stores. A man bought the firewood for his camping trip. He built a bonfire.  The spark could finally go home. Until the fire was extinguished, of course.

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