Portland, Oregon; Day 2

Record-breaking day in Portland, Oregon today. 114° meant that some of our original plans for exploring the great outdoors was nixed. In fact, the pool was closed due to the inhumane conditions for the lifeguards.

One resident of the cousins’ house here is better built for this weather. Adam is a Bearded Dragon. Adam was born in the US but is originally an Aussie like all of the other of her species.

Adam the Bearded Dragon

Adam was named prior to the vet’s examination. It turns out that she is female. At any rate, it’s fun to imagine this pet choosing she/her pronouns because this is, after all, Portland, where whatever you are is welcome.

In the summer, the family likes to park Adam in a tree in the backyard for some outdoors time. Today, however, the Dragon dropped out of the tree like a wilted leaf, presumably seeking cooler spaces. Kevin and Jessica spent about an hour fishing in the undergrowth for the over-heated pet.

At any rate, she was as offended by the heat as the remainder of the residents of Oregon.

The 5 kid cousins, Jessica, Tiffany and Brian were able to find some water time despite the pool closing. We went to the Columbia River and splashed around for awhile.

The Kid Navy in the Columbia

The kids split into teams and had a wonderful water battle while we watched from the shore.

The day closed with slip-n-slide in the yard and the adults huddled in the kiddie pool.

Cool Feet, Hot Bodies

An ice foot bath is a marvelous balm for those sitting outdoors in this weather. It actually works pretty well. We really wanted to utilize the fantastic outdoor space at Jessica and Kevin’s amazing home so the ice baths were cool. 😎

We had not spent time with Melissa, Jessica, Kevin or the kid cousins since pre-Covid so we were very thankful for the opportunity and the hospitality shown to us here in Portland.

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