Driving Day to Rapid City, South Dakota

Our 5 Adventurers experienced a very similar South Dakotan weather day as yesterday.

The morning began in the tent at the Mt. Rushmore camp site quite chilly. Mom and Dad had more complaints about chilly feet than the kiddos who claimed themselves as snug as bugs in their sleeping bags.

Once the sun came out the temperature spiked (more on that later) and the humidity from yesterday’s rains drew the kids to the waterslide and the pool the moment they opened.

There are a lot of kids around this campground and our three kids enjoyed playing ‘Cops-and-Robbers’ with them all.  (I know! I thought that game was extinct too!  Perhaps along with Cowboys-and-Indians or Red Rover)

Like yesterday, the afternoon saw building gray skies which opened up on the campers with wind, rain, and hail.  This time the hail was a little larger (pea-sized).  Tiffany caught some video with the plinking sounds of the hail.

Hailstorm #2

The hail wasn’t damaging and the thunder and lightning passed quickly leaving us with a spot of blue skies toward the end of the day.

The kids loved the campground and met some new friends so we would consider doing the “big campground” again someday. 

We ended the day at a Rapid City hotel to do some laundry and to plan our trip across SD towards Minnesota. 

Ole Wheezy had a day like the weather. Her temperature started cold but spiked on the way into Rapid City. Still more terrible then tolerable, but we’re making progress. More car adventures to come!

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