Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 5

We posted a bit about the lack of a dryer and the existence of a semi-automatic clothes washer during a post yesterday.

We should also note that we are using child labor to the maximum extent allowable.

This kid also pulled duty at the dishes tonight while his siblings provided maximum support.

Washing AND Drying Tonight
Very Sympathetic Sibs

No great adventures to report for today. We discovered at breakfast that the package of sausage labeled ‘breakfast sausage’ was much more akin to a hot dog from home (very mild flavor) so we repurposed them for lunch. Brian made a yummy dinner of pollo con arroz y judías verdes (chicken with rice and green beans). We finished off with some chocolate cake we picked up at a combination Sushi House/Coffee house we had dinner at last night.

The Coffee House part of the joint

Yes, you read that right. The sushi station with the chef making rolls and sashimi is about 1 meter to the right of this glass case full of gorgeous cakes with a big espresso machine sitting behind. Not a combination we’ve ever seen before but both the sushi (last night) and the cake (tonight) were very good.

The kids had a morning swim in the pool and in the afternoon we had our second day of immersion with Josue (parents) and Mariela (kids). Josue gives much more homework than the kids get, although the parents did get to play hangman today in class to practice pronouncing the alphabet and our word recognition. We all are building our vocabulary and are trying to retain as much Español as humanly possible. More manana!

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