Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 7

This morning was pancakes and more laundry. The kids are spending a lot of time reading which is great, they didn’t get the chance much when we were cruising around the US. We’re thrilled they like to read but since we don’t have room for paper books it’s all reading on their tablets with either books we’ve purchased or online library books and subscriptions. The downside is it feels like they are spending a lot of time on screens. We don’t love it, but it’s one of the trade offs we’re making to travel for such a long time.

As we pulled up to school today we caught sight of one of the more unusual residents of Liberia – unusual to us anyway. A black iguana was just hanging out on the city street. Tiffany has been claiming she saw a huge iguana on the street near our house but it ran into a pipe before she could get a photo. No one really believed her until now.

Our first wild iguana sighting.

Today we participated in another extra curricular activity at school. This was learning/practicing Spanish through music. We listened to samples of the typical types of music in Costa Rico. Balada tica (love songs), boleras, calypso and parrandera (festival music specific to this region of the country). 

The teacher also played a folk song called Ticas Lindos which goes at a pretty fast clip. We thought it was a nice pleasant song as we listened, then she said there was an activity! She laid laminated sections of all the lyrics (in español por supuesto) in a jumble on the table and we had to put them in order while we listened to the song. It was hard at first and then easier, especially as the chorus repeats. After we were done we all joined in together to sing the song as best we could. It was fun and gave us a better understanding of people who say they learned to speak English from watching movies.

After lessons we decided to head to a pizza place less than a block from the school to grab some dinner. Ordinarily that would be an uneventful walk but today the sky was dropping rain by the bucketful so we arrived hungry and sopping wet. No problem – nothing some pepperoni pizza and more Fresca wouldn’t cure. The kids have decided Fresca is their new favorite beverage in the entire world. They call it ‘paradise in a bottle’.  Brian and Tiffany call it ‘sugar rush in an instant’.

This evening is relaxing for the kids and homework for the parents including preparing a 5 minute oral presentation in Espanol for our last class of the week

Brian working hard on his assignment

Hasta mañana! Until tomorrow!

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