Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica; Day 6

Today is our last day in Puerto Viejo and it’s also our last day in Costa Rica. We arrived 37 days ago and spent our first two weeks in school. We swam in the Pacific, the Caribbean Sea and in a few waterfalls.

We were all amazed by the green sea turtles and the horseback riding and the zip line. Brian and Tiffany loved the nature and culture tours – hopefully the kids will like them more in hindsight than they did now. They certainly liked all the Fresca they drank and have discovered a new love of red Fanta which they really hope they can get at home.

Tiffany and Brian spent the morning doing travel logistics and watching a little Ohio State football. We had a good lunch of wood fired pizza at a restaurant/hostel called Ancona blu right across the road from the beach.

After lunch we headed back to the Sea for a couple of hours. The waves were strong but it was a little cloudy so not too hot. You can tell we’ve been here a while, at one point it started raining while we were at the beach and we didn’t even bother to stop what we were doing. No lightning, no problem.

We’ve spent all our Costa Rican cash and eaten that random package of microwave popcorn we’ve been carrying around for three weeks.

We’re down to fumes on the rental car so it’s ready to turn in tomorrow. We have all of our documents organized for the border run (we hope) and the last load of laundry is waiting to be folded.

Tomorrow we say hasta luego to Costa Rica’s Pura Vida and head south for a new adventure.

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