Boquete, Panama; Day 13

Dad had wanted to get in two 6-day school weeks during our Boquete stay knowing that upcoming travel may make school difficult to deliver.

He had thought that this wisdom had prevailed upon all of the other Adventurers when school was held on Saturday but was thwarted by the entire Road School student body which voted unanimously to extend the weekend into today.

Being of a somewhat sulking state of mind over the lost opportunity to book a school day, Brian spent an enormous amount of time this afternoon preparing his lesson plans for the Panama Canal unit that he will torture dazzle the student body with over the next few days. Huzzah!

The opening image is from dinner where we can cheerfully report that the giant bottle shown (and all future non-juice orange drink consumed by the Adventurers) shall be known as “Dynamite Cat Party”. Perhaps we can coax a reasonable rationale for the name from one of the kids to share with you in the Kids Corner. Mom and Dad have no idea.

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