Panama City, Panama; Day 4

We spent the day in Casco Viejo which is where our apartment is in Panama City. It is considered the old town of Panamá and was founded in the 16th century. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been recognized for its historic buildings and as the oldest European settlement on the Pacific coast.

Casco Viejo

Brunch was a 5 block stroll through the central plaza to a lovely deli and a great meal.

Brunch at the Super G deli

The neighborhood looks quite old but is actually undergoing a bit of a renaissance in these past ten years. A signicant number of properties have changed hands and new investments are being made to restore and upgrade hotels, apartments and restaurants in Casco Viejo.

Restoration Complete
Our Casco Viejo Apartment
Iglesia San Francisco de Asís from our balcony

It has a very European feel as the streets are narrow, the buildings are 2-3 stories and the shops are open and welcoming. An oil painting caught Brian’s eye in one these stores so a little bit of the afternoon was spent finding the proper box to transport the canvas back to the US.

Tiffany found a cute backpack to help carry some of the new friends that have been adopted to join us on these 5 adventures together.

Cuddle Competitions Sometimes Finish by Rock-Paper-Scissors

We all got age appropriate treats to enjoy on one of the charming village squares that dot the Old Town.

Gelato and cocktails on Plaza Tomás Herrera

We enjoyed our final “home”-cooked meal and the kids got to have a bit of time in the apartment’s small but surprisingly deep pool.

Tonight we have laundry and packing. Tomorrow; el aeropuerto!

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