West Allis/Milwaukee, WI; Day 1

Today was a quiet day for the Adventurers recovering from a 14 hours of travel and a late night yesterday.

We slept in at the airport hotel in Milwaukee and then walked 10 minutes to Denny’s for a familiar Grand Slam breakfast.

Even though our ten weeks in Central America flew by, we’re still adjusting to being back in the US. Brian accidentally responded in Spanish instead of English to a question from our cab driver.

We arrived back at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Henry’s and were reunited with our minivan Jeremy Picklepants. He looked well taken care of and ready for the next leg of the journey.

A relaxing afternoon was followed by a wonderful home cooked meal and visiting with first and second cousins.

To end the night we wandered the neighborhood enjoying some Halloween yard displays – nothing like inflatable ghosts and graveyards to rewire our brains that we are back in the States.

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