Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 5

Today was Christmas Eve for the 5 Adventurers in Thailand. No school today so this afternoon we headed out to Nic’s Restaurant and Playground. They had an extensive menu, a playground for the kids and SANTA. Well, one of Santa’s helpers wearing a beard over his mask and an obvious pillow under his coat – but no complaints from us. We spent a lovely couple hours there enjoying the food and festivities.

Once we got home we spent a little time relaxing in the pool. Even Dad couldn’t resist gracefully getting into the Unicorn floatie.

After the pool we started tracking Santa on the NORAD tracker. Since we are usually in California, he’s well into his deliveries by the time we get up on Christmas Eve morning since he started at 3am our time. So it was a nice treat to be in Thailand to see that he starts at 6pm. We got to watch the tracking at the very beginning. He had already delivered 1 million gifts in the first 5 minutes!

Next was our normal Christmas Eve traditions. Watch a Christmas movie (The Polar Express), drink hot Chocolate (made in Chiang Mai) and get to open one gift. In prior years, Santa’s elves have left a scavenger hunt that leads the kids to new pajamas for their one gift. The kids were skeptical the elves would find us in Thailand since it was getting late and there was no sign of clues.

Amazingly, as Suaram was straightening up prior to the movie, she saw a small note labeled ‘Read Me’. From there, she and her brothers excitedly followed clue to clue around the inside and outside of the house – ending up (as always) with new pajamas.

We ended the day with another tradition, putting out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. They’re sure to be hungry so early in their trip.

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