Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 14

Today was CreeperKitty’s birthday party! His actual birthday is not until tomorrow but we had an all day adventure planned so decided to celebrate today.

We’d tried to convince him it was going to be a pretty lame birthday and he believed us since he’s seen no evidence of shopping or presents. It felt a little mean but was worth it for his looks of joy as he opened the gifts he’d been hoping for most.

Before we got a chance to enjoy the cake the kids heard a sound outside that every kid everywhere recognizes. The ice cream truck! They actually heard it for the first time yesterday and made it to the street in time to see it turning the corner out of sight.

The kids realized that was an ice cream motorcycle with a side freezer instead of a truck. Perfect for Chiang Mai which is packed with motorcycles, scooters and tiny alleys. We weren’t sure if it would be back after the weekend and we couldn’t pass it up so the borthday cake was delayed in favor of some frozen chocolate treats.

Of course we had the cake later. It was a chocolate Oreo ice cream cake – so we basically ate ice cream all day. A perfect celebration for a (almost) 10 year old.

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