Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 20

It was another wonderful Saturday here in Thailand as we relaxed, enjoyed a pool day and had a Dad date (with CreeperPuppy).

He and Brian went to the Dairy Queen to catch up on life and other interesting topics on a 1-on-1 basis. It was Children’s Day in Thailand – celebrated every year on the second Saturday in January – so the ice cream cone was free.

As always when walking around Chiang Mai, they encountered interesting characteristics of Thailand that are different than the US.

Every pole carrying electricity in this town looks something like this.

Or these.

Seriously, these rat nests of overhead wires are confounding. If there was constant growth and lines were just being added all the time then perhaps it makes sense to add new lines but here, now…?

While walking we see random lines “dripping” down to street level all the time. We assume they don’t carry current but we avoid them nonetheless.

Even the house we’re renting while in Chiang Mai has a number of wires into it. Does each circuit have a dedicated line? Which is for the internet? Do they have cable here?

A little research on non official sources suggest it’s due to fast growth in demand for power, telecom, internet etc. in this developing country – the goal is speed and ‘safe enough’. It is such a snarl now that new lines get added but defective ones are just left in the coil. There are plans to address the issue but the expense to do it staggering. We suspect the economic difficulties resulting from lost tourism during the pandemic won’t help the project.

Now to Brian and CreeperPuppy’s second observation. Walking on the sidewalk on a main street we noticed that we were the only ones failing to wear a mask. We had completely forgotten to put them on before leaving the house.

We have noticed that just about every retail or restaurant store has three things at the entrance. This is probably mandatory but we haven’t checked.

First there is a temperature gauge that is usually on a tripod that you wave a body part in front of demonstrating that you aren’t carrying a fever. Secondly is a hand sanitizer dispenser and third is a log to enter your name and contact info for tracing.

Few people enter their contact information and some people take some sanitizer lotion but EVERYONE gets the happy beep from the gauge showing that their temperature is normal.

Because masks are so prevalent and their use is widespread there isn’t a standard box of masks at every entrance. The good news for forgetful Anericans is that a disposable mask can be found for any shopper that needs one.

One thought on “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 20

  1. Wow… those wires!!! Oh lord I’m happy to be living where I live! This is a unique insight to how other parts of the world function and what life is like there,


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