Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 24

At least one of our kids noticed an advertisement for a quarry waterpark in Chiang Mai. The photo looked like a death tourist trap but we were interested in a recreational outing and agreed to give it a chance.

The place was called the Grand Canyon Water Park park and it was themed US Western in the buildings that surrounded half of the quarry.

The boys had fun playing with some of the movie/set pieces that were installed.

The place was huge and could accommodate hundreds of visitors. On this Wednesday we were guests #4-8 and there were less than 20 when we left at 4p. It was well worth the $95 for the family to have the park to ourselves.

The main quarry area is divided into two main sections. At the very back is the area for wakeboarders. They are pulled by a tow rope hung across the water. One of the ropes takes them over a slalom course and the other over jumps and floating rails. We watched two very skilled riders (one at 11a and the other as we were leaving).

One of the first things that the kids wanted to try was the monster slides which dripped them directly into the quarry. This was about a 10 foot drop from the end of the slide.

We shot some footage of this and see if you can recognize the kids’ cries of “Tally ho!” in the first minute of this 8 minute video.

The main attraction are the hundreds of inflatable platforms strung together to create a walkway and to link different floating obstacles and toys.

Suaram missed about 45 minutes of lunch because she couldn’t stop exploring all that this water field had to offer.

Additionally, there was a pair of zip lines crossing the quarry which 4 of the Adventurers zipped down.

We also splashed around in a large kids zone area which had buckets of water randomly poured on us. There were also a few waterslides tame enough for the surgically-repaired father to enjoy.

We were all pretty tired at the end of the day but enjoyed ourselves immensely.

One thought on “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 24

  1. More reporting from the younger set, please! 😁Looks like an awesome time! Have fun! I’m living vicariously through you all! 👍🏽🤗😘


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