Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 26

We had a quiet day today after a lot of Adventures this week and a late night last night. A good Thai lunch, using up food from the kitchen for dinner and family movie night were the highlights of our activity.

We leave Chiang Mai on Monday to explore some other parts of Thailand before heading for Kenya in early February. But we’ve been in Thailand for over five weeks including Christmas, a birthday and visits to lots of interesting sites. Not surprisingly, we’ve collected some stuff. We can’t take most of it with us so we’ll leave some behind. The rest – Thailand Post!!

A few grocery deliveries had supplied us with an array of high quality boxes.

CreeperPuppy was overdue for shoes so while he and Mom went to the mall, they made a stop at the local OfficeMate shop which had a wide selection of supplies. Packing tape was the essential purchase.

Then all it took was disassembling some Lego sets, collecting some cuddles and souvenirs and then we were ready to head out to the local postal stop. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy (and 3-5 weeks transit time).

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