Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 28

On our 4th and final Sunday we finally made it to the Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Market. This is a major event where the municipality closes several streets and vendors, tourists and locals mingle to hear music, eat food and buy and sell all kinds of items.

The walled Old City is the location for this market and it is held along a 1km stretch of the main road.  This is a metal scale model of the Old City found at the Phae Gate.  We’ve noted some of the landmarks from today.

Our plan was to visit Wat Pra Singh at sundown and then walk the market, eat, shop and depart for home from Tha Phae Gate.

The Wat Pra Singh is over 700 years old and is a beautiful place to see the late afternoon sun shine against the temples. The only kink in our plans for today was that it was cloudy and the light wasn’t perfect.

After seeing the wat we crossed the road to the market and (after showing our proof of vaccination, getting temperature checked and signing in for contact tracing) almost immediately started shopping for items we didn’t know we needed/wanted. Brian bought socks. Tiffany bought a rope sculpture. Suaram bought earrings and CreeperKitty bought a fuzzy keychain and a wooden puzzle.

This puzzle purchase from a toy vendor showed us one of the Thai superstitions (praderm) that we had mentioned in an earlier post. A vendor’s first good customer can lead to more good customers if properly revered. We caught a moment of the vendor using our 100Baht bills to “bless good fortune” on some of his merchandise.

We found that most of the food stalls were set off from the main street. There were also announcements requesting that food and drink be enjoyed in these areas only and that masks should remain on otherwise.

Our food options were very diverse as were our choices. Brian is eating some pork satays, the kids ate popcorn, CreeperPuppy waited for a cinnamon crepe. We even ate a half dozen perfectly fried quail eggs, some breadsticks and Dutch style pancakes filled with creamed red beans. A very strange mix of foods based on the vendor location and the whim of our appetite as we walked the street.

We were very happy to get this last Adventure in today before leaving Chiang Mai for other destinations within Thailand.

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