Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 10

A short post for two reasons. One, a bit of a quiet day and two, the power is out and the internet along with it.

We’re starting to think about moving on from Diani Beach and our house specifically. This place has been a reminder to never make assumptions about the listings on VRBO or AirBnB etc. We thought we rented a three bedroom, two bath house with kitchen, dining area, flat screen TV and air conditioning. and technically that’s what we got.

There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One has A/C, the others have ceiling fans. The kids got those rooms and are managing, but when nightly temps are high 70s it’s not that fun. The beds are comfortable and they have mosquito nets (a must in Kenya).

There are no other enclosed spaces besides the bedrooms/baths and kitchen. The living room is outside and not enclosed – it usually gets a breeze to help cut through the 90+ daytime temps and humidity. This is where we watched the SuperBowl and where we catch afternoon naps.

Our dining room is also outside along with our flat screen TV which you can see on the wall behind us.

The house is not what we’d hoped and it wasn’t a low budget choice like in some other places. We had other options but chose this place instead so it is disappointing. That said, if it were awful we’d have left, even if it meant losing what we’d paid. We started by saying we’d stay a couple days and see how it went and it went well enough to stay another week. But we’re getting ready to say good bye in a few days and it won’t be too soon. We are actually just tired of being outside all day long.

The flies were out in force today at lunch – not as bad a a swarm of bees, but enough to be annoying. Plus one of the kids is under the weather. And now the power is out for the second night in a row. *sigh*. But as we shared before, the house staff and the pool are fantastic which offsets most of this other stuff.

Turns out one of the things we’ve learned in almost 8 months away from home is that not every place or every day is a good one. Sometimes because of your choices and sometimes just because. But what we know is – most are. Yesterday was good and chances are high that tomorrow will be too.

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