Nairobi, Kenya Part 3; Day 2

A quiet day today as we finish up our Kenya stay and head out to our next Adventure.

The day started with an unexpected call at 7:30am letting us know the doctor had arrived for our 11am Covid test. Ummm…we were sleeping. Kenya recently had some problems with private labs providing fake test results and have shut most of them down. It makes getting a test for travel a little difficult so we didn’t pass up this chance with an approved provider.

The samples were taken in one of the meeting rooms at the hotel – which just reinforces our belief that nothing good ever happens in a hotel conference room. At least the kids got to sleep in, they didn’t have to get a test this time since they are under 12.

Our doctor was professional and practiced and only took cash. While we were there her phone rang and although she rushed to silence it, we clearly heard a few bars of her Wellerman – Sea Shanty ring tone. Hmmm…our second (very) unexpected thing of the day.

We enjoyed the buffet for a late breakfast – especially the kids who always love a good breakfast buffet.

After school and a light lunch CreeperKitty opted to read while Suaram and CreeperPuppy got in the pool. They judged it the warmest pool of all our travels, knocking the Playa del Coco pool in Costa Rica out of the top spot. Yes, of course we are keeping a 5 Adventures global pool temperature ranking. There are now 14 foreign pools on that ranking list. We may get to 30 before returning to California.

There were a couple of other kids in the pool their age from Bahrain. They recognized each other from the bush camp in Amboseli so they played together for a while. Our kids got a little Middle East geography lesson and swapped stories of which animals they saw on Safari.

Similar to Monday’s hotel, this pool was also on the roof, but the view is of the National Park. The parents looked for wildlife while they had drinks on the pool deck including Tiffany’s DIY vodka tonic.

They managed to sneak in one last zebra sighting – barely visible to the eye let alone a phone camera lens.

We ended the day with good news on our Covid Tests and clean laundry for tomorrow.

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