Dubai, UAE; Day 4

Today’s Adventure was all about the kids so they picked Aquaventure.

This is a place on the tip of the Jumeirah Palm next to the Atlantis Resort and is an oversized, world’s largest, waterpark.

Not surprisingly it boasts tons of waterslides, lazy rivers, splash zones and beach frontage. One of the more unique rides takes tandem tube riders through a clear tube submerged within a shark tank (and manta rays). See if you notice the tubers behind the 3 Adventurers in this image.

The kids did that one – said it was boring since you move very slowly through the tube. They were all about speed today.

There is one slide called the Leap of Faith which is a nearly vertical descent. That was the last ride of the day for Suaram and CreeperPuppy. Mom and Dad said pass. There were a few that we did go on. This is the view from Trident Tower right before heading down Medusa’s Lair.

Adventurers waving from the line on level 2

If you look closely at the following image you may be able to see a tall building in the background. That hazy needle between the condo blocks and the brown Poseidon waterslide tower is the Burj Khalifa which sits in the Business District which is about 20 km (~12 miles) away. The sail-looking building center-frame is the Burj Al-Arab. A seven star hotel room there will set you back about $2k/night (but you get 1,700sqft of space and a butler).

All told, we spent about 7 hours at the waterpark so we are all pretty wiped out now.

As a change of pace and to live like the locals, we took the opportunity to ride the Jumeirah Palm monorail and the Dubai Metro back to the hotel. The trip was pretty cheap and slightly faster than the taxi ride we took to get out there.

The Jumeirah Palm was a pretty cool spot to visit and we had a great set of Adventures there today.

Scale Model of the Jumeirah Palm

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