Marrakech, Morocco; Day 4

The 5 Adventurers had another day of commerce, cuisine and cultural assimilation in the Old Medina.

Brian was determined to purchase a few items which caught his eye during earlier trips through the narrow alleyways of this neighborhood. He left shortly after breakfast to have time to wander the shops, try on items and not feel rushed by impatient kids eager to find their next sweet treat.

He returned to the riad looking both overly European and overly smug with his negotiations & purchases.

We remembered to catch a photo of our wonderful petit dejeuner (breakfast) prepared & presented by Mme Ghizlaine prior to the pillaging. Each of us have our favorites and no one is disappointed afterwards.

Speaking of good Moroccan meals, we had another lovely lunch today. Yesterday we ate at very nearby restaurant on their upper terrace. Today we walked a little further but this place would also be considered a restaurant for the tourists. Despite that pejorative, we had another delicious meal which left everyone happy.

The kids chose two mocktails to go with their meals. CreeperKitty chose a Mojito and the others ordered Pina Coladas with fresh pineapples for garnish. We can’t tell where the pineapples were grown but it wasn’t likely West Africa. We also don’t know what the electric green stuff was in the mojito – usually they are NOT that color.

Brian wasn’t the only one adding to the local economy today. All 3 children have been clamoring for a pet when we get home. There have been requests for hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, and cats. Today the kids bought snakes! Cobras, actually!

These little guys are made from a series of wood segments with a rubber core and a realistic paint job. In the hands of an expert, they can be manipulated and appear to move on their own.

The day’s final adventure was to watch the African Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. There were some close matches and the hometown team Morocco defeated Congo for a spot in Qatar in November. Everyone here is pretty happy about that outcome.

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