Marrakech, Morocco; Day 6

We left the lovely Old Medina riad today to get our Covid tests and move closer to the airport for tomorrow’s flight to Europe.

In no particular order, we had an eating Adventure, a shopping Adventure, a shipping Adventure and a seven dimensional Adventure! No, the Covid tests were not in 7D…they were easy and only necessary for those of us over 12.

We have had good luck with our food choices during our week here in Morocco. After a nice lunch we walked to get the Covid tests and afterwards treated ourselves to mid-day desserts at a specialty restaurant.

The kids ordered some fine shakes (S’mores, Oreo, & Caramel, left to right). We were finally able to deliver on the mega-dessert we couldn’t find in Hurghada.

The parents split a more traditional brownie and ice cream combo.

When you travel for a year and walk miles and miles, especially with growing kids, at some point everyone needs new shoes. Suaram was the first to get a pair in July – she was due before we left. The kids all got new sandals in Ohio, they had worn the soles through.

CreeperPuppy got a pair of sneakers in Thailand and then another in Egypt. Tiffany wore hers out and got a pair in Thailand too (from Amazon in the US no less). Now Brian, CreeperKitty and Suaram (again) are due. We found ourselves at the mall today at this store which seemed to sell only shoes made in Turkey. CreeperKitty and Brian came away with new kicks.

We discovered that shipping items from Morocco to the US is fairly simple and inexpensive compared to Egypt, Dubai or Thailand (at least in our experience). One more box of trinkets are headed to the US. (This time to Mamoh’s house in Ohio)

The parents are now in their 50’s and can really only handle the 3 dimensions that life gives them already so when the chance came up for a visit to a 7D simulator you know which Adventurers buckled up and which bailed out.

In case you’re wondering as we did- here’s one definition of what 7D cinema is –

2D = regular movies, a flat image on a flat screen.
3D = 2D movie with 3D glasses giving the illusion of depth.
4D = 3D plus motion chair.
5D = 4D plus other physical effects like wind, water spraying at you to imitate rain, etc. (note that there are few 4D movies, because once they add motion, they usually add the other stuff)
6D means 5D plus an “interaction gun” that allows you to control some of the movie
7D means “really awesome 5D” or “really awesome 6D” (i.e., it’s hype).

The kids loved it, they got motion, wind, water etc. maybe not all 7Ds but fun regardless.

Today is our final day in Africa. We have seen so very much in our 49 days on the continent over the last couple months. We also know that there are Congolese jungles, Namibian dunes, South African surf, and Tunisian ruins which we missed and will have to get to on the next trip through. Please don’t miss Africa if you have a chance. These 5 Adventurers will be back someday.

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