Rota, Spain; Day 5

Today was Easter Sunday which is a major holy holiday here in Spain (and in the rest of the Christian world). Again we saw many folks congregating on the beach enjoying the 22°C (72°F) temperatures.

Shiny Easter Bag-skets

The children awoke earlier than usual looking for signs of the Easter Bunny. They had been disappointed that a leprechaun failed to find them in Egypt and were anxious as to whether the Bunny would find them in Europe. (Both the leprechaun and the Easter Bunny leave chocolate, typically).

Lo and behold! The Easter Bunny found our 5 Adventurers and left the kids with shiny bags of candy. (Must have been a flashy Spanish Bunny that knows nothing of the American Bunny’s baskets). Look at the Chocolate!

Easter Bag-sket Filled with Chocolate

The Easter dinner was a bit unusual this year. We enjoyed a lunchtime lasagna which left us feeling pretty full. The kids asked for (and received) hot dogs for their special meal. The adults received Lamb cutlets and roasted potatoes.

The day ended with a Sunday treat which was enjoyed in the dying light of the sun setting over the Atlantic.

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