Rota, Spain; Day 7

There were some pirates that were spotted here in Rota overnight.

Or at least that is what the kids were told.

These pirates seized two small animals from the kids’ collection and buried them in the sand on the beach. They also buried some treasure (3€) nearby.

The children were sent out to investigate. They had a lead from CreeperPuppy who spotted a strange figure on the beach earlier in the morning.

They quickly noticed that the pirate (at this point feeling that he was a single pirate) had dug many holes in the beach during low tide and that they might have to search more thoroughly.

…emerged from the beach with treasure!!!

This was a fun Adventure for the kids. The pirate was not as thrilled at the outcome. Ten minutes of hiding yielded a paltry ROI of entertainment time for the watching adults. Tiffany didn’t even make it down to the beach in time to take close up photos. And when you factor in the anxiety felt later in the day that Dad’s wallet and sunglasses were missing and probably buried on that same beach (the kids said that they noticed a group of “pickpockets” loitering on the beach) the Adventure wasn’t great. Sigh…

(Images of Brian digging up his stuff not shown)

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