Rota, Spain; Day 15

Today’s academic activity was to take some practice tests for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. The kids did math and language arts. As a small homeschool our students don’t have to take the actual tests, but we figured that the practice tests would be a good way to gauge their readiness for entering back into regular school in August. (Thanks Aunt Tracy for the suggestion).

Finished with the math practice assessment

Turns out we couldn’t get the results without an actual login which we don’t have. But based on teacher observation and the way that the kids talked about the questions they all did okay so that’s good.

Our big Adventure of the day was to go to a truly local event – the Féria de Primavera or Spring Fair. After two years of cancellation due to Covid it is back this year. The town was so excited they added an extra day at the request of the citizens. Started in 1942 as a livestock fair, today it is less focused on that and more on fun.

Annual poster for the Féria de Primavera

Second in pomp only to Holy Week, most of the towns in this part of Spain hold a week long event full of cultural activities, fair food, concerts, carnival rides and the typical games of skill and chance.

It’s pretty similar to the county fairs in the Midwest or California that we’ve been to but is unusual in a few ways. One – you can choose a stuffed toy ham leg as a prize. This part of Spain is quite proud of it’s cured Iberia ham and it shows.

They take their ham very seriously in Iberia

They have temporary tents/booths that clubs and groups set up and each one is a serious party. Music, dancing, flowing drinks. It seems that most of the adults find their group and hang out having a great time.

Tents for socializing

The last thing unique to the Feria is that many people dress in traditional clothes, particularly the women and kids. Though it was not the majority of people, the costumes were striking and interesting to see.

We were there on the early side from 6 to about 8pm. Apparently like Asia, Spain lives at night. We heard loud music past midnight yesterday and expect that to be the case all week. We rode some rides, ate some fried food & some treats and did a little shopping. Selling toys is another thing we didn’t recall from our hometown fair

Purchases and traditional dresses

Our experience was lite on the cultural immersion side so we’ll likely go back, plus we didn’t get to see all the lights which look to be spectacular. But those will be Adventures for another day.

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