San Gimignano, Italy; Day 3

Today we visited our host town of San Gimignano and we also learned a bit about the train platform in Florence.

Our rental house has a wonderful view of the Northwest side of San Gimignano which sits about 4 km across a valley of vineyards.

Our 5 Adventurers piled into the rental car to drive 8km on the windy road into town. The weather continues to be amazing bright, brilliant blue skies. The parking was easy and the uphill walk to the walled city center was done without complaints. We had a good guide who directed us to a restaurant.

CreeperPuppy Set to Guide-Mode

We had a nice lunch and an even better dessert. We intended to share an image of this panna cotta but it was truly consumed too quickly for the camera to capture. Our food blogging has sadly not improved during our 11 months of travel.

After lunch we walked to the central Piazza to hear a man play the violin (poorly). The children watched from the steps of the Duomo.

As for the train platform in Florence, we learned that if you wait there at platform 13 at around 18:10 on a Friday, you may find new Adventurers.

Hello Grandma Loesje and Grandpa Ed! Welcome to Tuscany.

Delightedly, we took them home and served them some vino after their long train journey across Switzerland and Italy to meet us. We are looking forward to having 7 Adventurers for a few days.

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