San Gimignano, Italy; Day 7

We said arrivederci to 2 Adventurers today. Grandpa Ed and Grandma Loesje have been away from home for 6 weeks and were ready to return to California.

Brian drove them to the Florence Airport to send them to Amsterdam and then onto America tomorrow. The Florence Airport is quite different from the Florence rail station where Loesje & Ed were collected a few days ago.

The Airport is small and is away from the city center. The rail station is huge and integrated with the city transportation system. It’s a remarkably European approach to regional travel. Despite all of this, these 2 Adventurers were sent on and left 5 Adventurers to follow them back to California at a future date.

Brian found himself alone in Florence without kids or an itinerary to follow. Whatever will he do for the day? How to judge the merits of returning to Tuscany versus the attractions of Florence?

Column of Justice

Well, to deliberate properly, one should consider their options without hunger. Brian enjoyed a quiet dish of ravioli, prepared by others and accompanied by a glass of Chianti.

Then comes a bit of walking through the old town without concern of leaving a wandering someone behind. He learned a number of interesting facts about Florence.

Did you know that Florence has this…

And this?

Or, even several works at the Uffizi Gallery…all of which are stupendous.

Ultimately Brian decided to return to the San Gimignano house to catch up with the others. After enjoying the view and some local wine one last time with Tiffany (we leave tomorrow) he decided to cook dinner – using the random assortment of food in the house. Flour. Half a tub of cream cheese. Some leftover taco meat. A working faucet for water. Hmmm…How about ravioli? Twice in one day!

The other Adventurers helped put their newly learned pasta making skills to the test. The ravioli filled with cream cheese and taco meat wasn’t the most attractive dish ever made or nearly as good as Brian’s lunch. But add some fresh parmigiana and a side of tomato salad and it was surprisingly yummy!

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