Geneva, Switzerland

Today was primarily a travel day as we said goodbye to Italy and hello to a new country.

We left Venice by boat (of course) and met up with the first of our three trains today. The trip from the Venice – Santa Lucia train station to the Venice-Mestre station was pretty quick. Enough so that we could catch a bite to eat before waiting on the platform for the train bound for Milan.

The train left perfectly on time. The only hitch was that we were waiting for it near the front of the train and our seats were in coach #7. We started walking down the platform toward the back of the train when we realized that this particular train had coach 8 in the front, then 7 and so on. So…back to the front of the train to board the proper car.

The trip to Milan was interesting but not as picturesque as what we saw in Switzerland. The kids were more engrossed in their tablets than the flat farmlands of Northern Italy.

In Milan, we had 45 minutes before the next train so we mostly just hung around near the tracks.

The trip from Milan to Geneva took us past Lake Maggiore and through a number of long tunnels beneath the Alps.

We passed through Montreux and Lausanne which, along with our destination city, lie on Lake Geneva. This gave us plenty of views of the lake and the mountains surrounding it. Very lovely, too bad these images were shot through a dirty pane of glass.

The scenery in Switzerland is breathtaking and expect more of the same as we head into the French Alps tomorrow.

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