Chamonix, France; Day 2

Our accommodations here in Chamonix are appropriately befitting a ski town. There is a large ski locker room in the basement whose flooring is thick rubber mats to cushion the blows of hard ski boots. The interior walls are all knotty pine and threadbare carpet. There is an indoor pool and a pair of saunas. Everything feels like ski chalet.

Even though the ski season has passed for ’21-’22, there is still a lot of outdoor activity here. Hikers, Bikers and Rock Climbers were seen walking in town.

Paragliders in the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Valley

Today the weather was clear in the morning giving way to a light drizzle and eventually real rain in the afternoon. Our Adventurers took a prolonged morning walk through the town and was struck by the number and breadth of restaurants and clothing stores. There seemed to be many upscale outdoorsy brands here. There is even a Rip Curl store here in Chamonix (a favorite San Clemente/Trestles surf brand).

Mont Blanc Shrouded Behind the 4

We decided to check out the indoor pool and sauna in the afternoon as the rain built up. Perhaps this is the rainy season here? We are planning to get more morning activity in the hopes that we catch better weather early.

Brian pulled together some tagliatelle with a carbonara sauce for dinner and we were all well-rested and satisfied with a simple set of Adventures today. Mountaineering awaits!

Fresh Grated Parmesan Topping

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