Chamonix, France; Day 4

We decided today that we would get outside into the beauty of this valley regardless of the weather conditions. And to start, we were rewarded with sunshine and mild temperatures.

We chose to pursue the objectives of an orienteering course which runs though Chamonix. There are 20 stations deployed throughout the valley area.

An orienteer follows their map to find the station and to receive their unique hole punch indicating that they have found that station. Some of these were found alongside walking paths and others were deeper into the woods with geographic markers like “the joining of two brooks”.

We had fun seeking these markers and getting the punches until the rain came unabated. We needed to seek some shelter and found our first shelter near a handicap WC.

The second shelter was a bus stop which was roomy and warm. Despite that, the team decided to press on into the rain rather than wait out an uncertain time.

The decision was wise as today’s rain continued for another two hours. It truly is the rainy season here in Chamonix Mont Blanc.

We were able to complete a full day of school today so we were proud to celebrate the completion of the first school year of the 5 Adventures Academy!

We celebrated with dinner out, a cake and a showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

One thought on “Chamonix, France; Day 4

  1. Wow I love your adventure today! It looks so beautiful and like you had a lot of fun! I love and miss you all so very much! Looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure e mail! Hugs and kisses times 5


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