Paris, France; Day 1

Today was primarily a travel day as we left the French Alps for the capital city of Paris. In order to get there, we returned to Geneva and caught a high speed train which delivered us to the Gare de Lyon in a little over 3 hours.

The kids haven’t had a tremendous amount of train travel experience but they have adapted quickly and well.

CreeperPuppy set the family record by going to the dining car on 3 separate trips. Basically, he accompanied anyone and everyone in the family that wished to hike to the next car over for snacks and beverages.

The train only made four stops and in between traveled at 250kph (~155mph). We all enjoyed watching the scenery flash past the large windows.

The Paris Gare de Lyon train station is remarkable. It is exactly what Americans like us think of when we think of a European train station. It has a huge iron-arched roof covering a dozen platforms. We passed through quickly hoping to find a taxi to prevent a 25 minute walk to the Paris Apartment in Le Marais.

When we got outside there was a considerable line of passengers waiting for taxis. Tiffany’s observational skills and strengthening French language came in handy today. She noticed a larger van pulling up and as soon as the taxi wrangler started to ask “un groupe de quatre ou cinq?” She jumped up with “Oui, cinq!” We saved an extra taxi fare and 20 minutes of waiting. Yay, Mom.

Paris-Gare de Lyon

We had just enough daylight after arriving at the apartment to secure some bread and eggs for the morning and to split a carafe of Chardonnay before dinner.

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