Paris, France; Day 3

We wanted to enjoy being Parisians for a day by staying in our neighborhood and investigating local parks and restaurants. We are staying in a small apartment near the historic Le Marais area.

We almost made it down to the Seine yesterday before tiring so we decided that this would be a good goal for today. We were interested in showing the kids the grand Cathedral of Notre Dame. As you know, it suffered a catastrophic fire during renovations in 2019 and has been closed since.

Today we can see a large building crane next to the site and scaffolding surrounding much of the exterior. It is expected to be completed in time for the Paris Summer Olympics in 2024. The first mass to be held in the sanctuary has been scheduled for April 2024.

We found a charming riverside park during our trek to the Seine and the kids played here for awhile.

There was a cool challenging course of ropes and platforms along one of the walls. Even Mom tried that out.

It was a lovely day and the kids were able to get some good exercise in too!

One thought on “Paris, France; Day 3

  1. Looks like a fabulous day and you go mom! I am amazed at how tall you 3 kiddos are now! I’ll bet you will be my height or close to it now! Can’t wait to find out! Looking forward to your next day of adventures and amazing pics! Hugs times 5❤️


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