London, United Kingdom; Day 2

We had a lovely Saturday walking from our flat in Pimlico through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens before wrapping up the day back at a pub eating fish and chips.

We started the morning by walking over to Buckingham Palace to pay our respects to the current Queen and to marvel at the Queen Victoria Memorial. We didn’t get to see the changing of the guard but we saw the guard contingent do some exercises so the kids thought that was interesting.

Hyde Park is hosting a series of concerts for the “British Summer Time” concert series. Sir Elton John performed in the park on Friday night. Brian was wondering why we were seeing a tremendous number of tongue T-shirts walking around the park this afternoon. “Wow, these folks really love their British bands”. It turned out that today’s headline performers were The Rolling Stones. They were playing later tonight about a stone’s throw from where we spent the afternoon.

Dad doesn’t know about this!
Playing in the Park

We decided not to walk the 3 miles back to Pimlico and caught a taxi. This was easy to catch (with the app) and pay for (with the app) but expensive (app or no app). After a long day on our feet it was a marvelous 20£ splurge.

Yesterday, we had happened upon a concert in a local square. It turns out it was the start of a three week neighborhood festival with concerts activities etc. The next event was this afternoon, focused on family and only a few blocks from our flat. So of course we checked it out.

It felt like the kind of thing we go to at home which was cool. This festival also had a “British blues band” performing tonight – tho’ not the caliber of the Stones. Plus, this festival had fun inflatable hamster balls for the kids.

Rolling Stones Not Pictured

Our London experience was topped off today when the missus and her bloke popped down to the pub for a pint and some fish & chips.


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