New York, New York; Day 1

Today our Adventurers took their last long flight and departed Europe after nearly 13 weeks travelling from one bucket list destination to another. We were last in NY (and the US) late on December 6th as we ran through New York’s Kennedy Airport to catch a flight to Thailand (via Qatar). Our total time here was about 30 minutes.

Today’s journey was much easier and more relaxed.  We awoke and had a full breakfast at our London flat and then walked ten minutes to Victoria Station to catch a 30 minute train out to Gatwick for the flight to JFK.

Brian was lucky enough to get the secondary passenger screening done at the gate.

We arrived in New York’s JFK airport greeted by an immigration officer who knew our names before we even presented our passports. In fact, we didn’t even show passports. Our faces were enough for them to recognize and grant us admission back into the US. This must be facial recognition software integrated with airline manifests. The process was quick and painless but a little disconcerting.

The most painful part of our travels today had to be the hour-long drive from JFK to the Upper West Side through late afternoon traffic. At least we had a driver to manage the stop-and-go traffic.

We were pretty tired but determined to stay awake long enough to reduce the jet lag effect tomorrow. We walked a few blocks to Riverside Park and let the kids run wild for about an hour. Tomorrow, we hit Downtown!

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