Car Adventures

How Many Toyota Siennas are Necessary?

One of our unexpected Adventures on this journey has been to swap vehicles for the North American portions of the trip. These posts were all prepared to document and share the joy of motoring challenges.

Here are the posts in order of the saga…hopefully, we shall need to add no more.

Butte, Montana; Day 1

The kids and Mom went to the pool at the Copper King Hotel in Butte, Montana this morning while Dad dropped off the car at the Toyota dealership to look into a check engine light which came up during yesterday’s drive into town. Tiffany and Brian have been well prepared to expect the unexpected duringContinue reading “Butte, Montana; Day 1”

Car adventure update…#1

As we said yesterday, the engine on the van is not repairable – but it actually is drivable at the moment. As long as we don’t go too fast, drive for too long or go up too many big hills. Just the constraints that make for a great cross country road trip. Given the terribleContinue reading “Car adventure update…#1”

Car adventure update…#2

Usually after learning your vehicle needs an engine overhaul your options are repair or replace but our situation is unique. Our US driving tour is supposed to only last from now to the first week in August and then 5-6 weeks in Oct/Nov. The rest of the time we’ll be traveling overseas (we hope) andContinue reading “Car adventure update…#2”

Car Adventure update…#3

Here’s hoping we’ve come to the end of our mini-adventure involving problems with our van. Things went from ‘annoying’ and ‘inconvenient’ to ‘impossible’. After some maintenance on the 22nd we thought we saw enough improvement to continue limping along east toward Minnesota. We hoped the lower grades of an interstate highway would be something OleContinue reading “Car Adventure update…#3”

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