Butte, Montana; Day 1

The kids and Mom went to the pool at the Copper King Hotel in Butte, Montana this morning while Dad dropped off the car at the Toyota dealership to look into a check engine light which came up during yesterday’s drive into town.

Tiffany and Brian have been well prepared to expect the unexpected during this journey of ours. We have intentionally built in time buffers between major destinations and attractions to allow for any unforseen challenges or interesting diversions which catch our attention.

An issue with our car during the North American leg of our trip could certainly occur. We imagined it to be as unwanted and inconvenient as a flight cancelation or train delay during the overseas legs of the trip.

What we haven’t considered is shopping for a replacement vehicle to take us through the rest of this leg of the tour. The dealer has diagnosed the issue as the “worst news possible”.

The good news is that we have been presented with a new and unforseen adventure! Follow along with us in the coming days as we evaluate our conveyance options, re-configure our itinerary and re-assess our financial position!

Butte Toyota Service Note

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