Leesburg, Ohio Part 2; Day 2

A chilly, rainy, November day kept us mostly in the house finding our own fun today. Brian continues his recovery and walked his longest distance in a month. He and Tiffany took a stroll around the block – no cane, no pain. All good. CreeperPuppy had his favorite cuddle head to space – or atContinue reading “Leesburg, Ohio Part 2; Day 2”

Car Adventure update…conclusion?

We’re really hoping not to jinx ourselves by calling this the end of our unexpected, unwanted and unenjoyable car adventure. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Our last task was to share the name of our new vehicle. Three of the adventurers were resolute and unified in their choice so that is what was picked.Continue reading “Car Adventure update…conclusion?”

Car Adventure update…#3

Here’s hoping we’ve come to the end of our mini-adventure involving problems with our van. Things went from ‘annoying’ and ‘inconvenient’ to ‘impossible’. After some maintenance on the 22nd we thought we saw enough improvement to continue limping along east toward Minnesota. We hoped the lower grades of an interstate highway would be something OleContinue reading “Car Adventure update…#3”