Kanchanaburi, Thailand; Day 4

Tiffany has had a strong desire to ride a train on our world tour. The other 4 Adventurers talked her out of the 2 week Trans- Siberian trip across Russia and out of the 1 week trip across Canada. But they relented today with a ride on the so-called Death Railway. We visited a WarContinue reading “Kanchanaburi, Thailand; Day 4”

Kanchanaburi, Thailand; Day 2

We began this school day with a field trip to the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. This cemetery honours the remains of the captured Allied soldiers and airmen who died as POWs building the Burma-Thailand railroad during the Second World War. There are 5,000 British Commonwealth and 1,200 Dutch casualties commemorated in this cemetery (all of theContinue reading “Kanchanaburi, Thailand; Day 2”