Monterey, California; Day 1

Today was our first real day on the road. Yesterday, we arrived in Monterey very late after finishing final clean out of the San Clemente house. (Bye fixed address!)

We spent part of the afternoon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium which the kids loved. We had to make reservations but arrived at a time when there was no waiting or crowds.

Leopard Shark

I had never seen such large panes of glass before and they provided us with such an amazing and broad perspective of the sea life presented.

Sea Turtle (Mom’s Favorite)

The Aquarium presents the plants and animals in a variety of presentation styles.

For example, a school of herring were shown in a cylindrical tank which allowed us 360 degree view of the fish while they were in constant motion. So cool.

Speaking of school, today was also a school day for our kiddies as they are now officially in Mom and Dad’s Road School! They need at least 175 days in a year so we made sure that there was learning happening.

We finished the day visiting with our Uncle Alan who moved up to the Monterey Bay area from SoCal in 2010. He was a gracious and knowledgeable host who told us many stories about the people and places here. Perhaps we should put him on our “school” faculty. Our only regret was missing out on a photo with him to share with you here.

Well, we are all pretty tired and have another day of adventure tomorrow so let’s get ready for Day 2 in Monterey!

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