Monterey, California; Day 2

I enjoyed a very pleasant Father’s Day surrounded by the family.  We spent another day at the Aquarium in Monterey and were able to see a Red Octopus (another Mom favorite) and some of the tide pool animals.

Kids at the Tide Pool

I was treated to a round of golf today in Monterey but it wasn’t exactly Pebble Beach.

Blacklight Golf on Cannery Row

The green fees were reasonably priced and the pace of play was brisk.  I really only needed one club so it wasn’t the challenge of Spyglass or Spanish Bay.  In any case, we all had fun with the lighting conditions.

We finished the day with an Italian meal at Mezzaluna in Pacific Grove. Tomorrow we trek to Yosemite for our next adventure!

3 thoughts on “Monterey, California; Day 2

  1. Loved the pictures , that Aquarium in Monterey is fabulous so happy you all enjoyed it. Alan had a good time spending some time with you and was able to give the boys a ride in his Porsche he’s pretty proud of that car. Have fun in Yosemite and keep the pictures coming. Hugs to all, Loesje.
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