From Suaram – Bears In Yosemite- A True Story

This story takes place on the twenty-second of June 2021. Please remember that while it is funny now, it wasn’t funny when it happened.

The kids were trying to go to sleep in Yosemite National Park. We had had a great day in the park. If you want to see what we did, please go to the blog post called June 22, 2021. We couldn’t go to sleep because we were so energetic. We kept talking, and it made Mom and Dad angry.

Soon, we heard a sound like the cooler rattling. We later learned that it was Dad trying to get something from the cooler. But in the moment, we panicked. We thought it was an actual bear trying to get our food. We screamed and screamed.

Now Mom must of hear our screams of “BEAR” coming from the cabin we slept in, so she tried her best bear impression. Of course we weren’t fooled. Mom is horrible at bear sounds.

“That’s Mom, guys!” CreeperKitty said.

In the morning, I told Mom and Dad this story. Now I’m putting it on the blog for our followers to hear, too. Stay tuned!

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