Warfare: My Ham Sandwich Tries to Eat ME

One day in Thingamabob, a drop of green goo fell from the ceiling and hit my ham sandwich. It came to life and started trying to eat people.  You’re thinking, can’t I just eat the ham sandwich? Nope. It’s got chocolate sauce on it, and I HATE chocolate and ham. Okay. Time to call NinjaContinue reading “Warfare: My Ham Sandwich Tries to Eat ME”

Warfare: Attack of the Facially Obsessed She-Skeletons

Hi! Welcome back to Thingamabob. Here’s a brand new story. One time there was an evil villain who made a potion. He put it in a lady’s lipstick. A bunch of babes bought the lipstick. They turned into skeletons. Now you know what’s coming. I’m going to call… …the pizza place. I’m kidding. I meanContinue reading “Warfare: Attack of the Facially Obsessed She-Skeletons”

Warfare: Revenge of the Robot Zombie Warlords

By Suaram In the city of Thingamabob, a portal opened and a bunch of robot zombies came out. They had three REALLY buff and powerful warlords. “Ha ha ha,” they said. Now we shall take over the world!” What the zombie warlords didn’t know was that the famous ninja Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese was right behind them,Continue reading “Warfare: Revenge of the Robot Zombie Warlords”

Dispatch from Isolation Ward, Day 2

I am still showing as virus-free (hooray) and will be isolating with the COVID positive boys. They have been fever-free since yesterday and have been spending an inordinate amount of time on their tablets. One dividend from this will be that they will each submit a daily post for your reading pleasure. I hope youContinue reading “Dispatch from Isolation Ward, Day 2”

Just A Little (Fiction) Story from Suaram

It had been a long drive, and it was 10:00, though it didn’t look like it. The sun had gone down over the mountains, but the sky was still the color of burning flames. The rest of the sky was indigo. Tall trees and leafy bushes looked flammable enough to immediately catch fire if aContinue reading “Just A Little (Fiction) Story from Suaram”

From Suaram – Bears In Yosemite- A True Story

This story takes place on the twenty-second of June 2021. Please remember that while it is funny now, it wasn’t funny when it happened. The kids were trying to go to sleep in Yosemite National Park. We had had a great day in the park. If you want to see what we did, please goContinue reading “From Suaram – Bears In Yosemite- A True Story”

From Suaram – Life in the wilderness

The campfire blazes. The forest seems quiet. This is life in the wilderness, and it’s what we have to get used to on day 11 of our World Tour. It’s Tuesday, June 29, and most of us are missing home. Most of us. We enjoy the pool and we’re splashing around in it. There’s aContinue reading “From Suaram – Life in the wilderness”

“When did you decide to travel the world?”

This is the most common question we have gotten about our plan for long term travel (along with variations like: Have you always wanted to do this? Have you traveled a lot before? How do you manage logistics for a year of travel? Are you crazy? And other things like that). The answer always feelsContinue reading ““When did you decide to travel the world?””