Spokane, Washington; Day 2

We had a fantastic day in Liberty Lake with Brian’s sister Tanya and her family. Liberty Lake is just east of Spokane in Eastern Washington. All four of Tanya’s kids were home to see their cousins.

We started the day with a board game, which is a treat for the 5 Adventurers.

Mall Madness Board Game

We learned that none of these cousins had seen a famous movie which had recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Jeff & Tanya have an unbelievable home theater set up which made the popcorn experience very special.

Home Theatre Seats 11!

Brian got the opportunity to cook on Jeff’s smoker and the entire family had a nice meal together.

Sunset Smoke

The day concluded with a short walk to one of the very pleasant parks in Liberty Lake to give us all a reason to enjoy apple pie to end the day.

Tomorrow, the 5 Adventurers will be heading to Glacier National Park and will be joined by Tanya & Jeff’s family on Saturday.

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