Union Pier, Michigan; Day 2

Today was a very pleasant SW Michigan summer day full of small Adventures for these travelers. We enjoyed a pancake breakfast with Busha and Grandpa Mike and then some time playing in the pool. After pool we headed to the local steakhouse for a tasty dinner – we were joined for desert by Brian’s sisterContinue reading “Union Pier, Michigan; Day 2”

Paris, France; Day 7

We have walked 34 miles (54 km) here in Paris this past week. Some of our walking today happened in front of and on top of masterpieces. And CreeperPuppy successfully tied his own shoe at Monsieur Eiffel’s iron masterpiece. We began the day by a return trip to the Jardin des Tuileries. The adults wantedContinue reading “Paris, France; Day 7”

Rota, Spain; Day 24

We had a few short drive Adventures today seeing some new areas of Andalucía. We dropped Tiffany off at the Chipiona post office to send a package to Cincinnati to Sister/Aunt/Grandma Tracy. The kids and Brian went back to the nice park to ride their zip line and to wait for Tiffany to return. WhenContinue reading “Rota, Spain; Day 24”

Luxor, Egypt; Day 2

Today was a rest day for the Adventures. After a cold night on the boat and a long touring/driving Sunday we took today off from the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Instead we enjoyed a slow day on the quiet West Bank of modern Luxor. We slept in. We had breakfast on the roof which seemsContinue reading “Luxor, Egypt; Day 2”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 12

We had a lovely Saturday which featured a monkey caught on camera, a Hawaiian-style pizza and a beach wedding Brian wanted to shoot some video for the blog showing you what this house was like. He started out his task in a deliberate film-maker sort of way but ended up shooting 25 minutes of this.Continue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 12”

Kanchanaburi, Thailand; Day 3

Today’s adventures were lazy, hang around the resort ones. Our complimentary breakfast was served on the porch of our villa and the rest of the day was spent doing some math, playing in the pool and watching the sun set over the river. Timtub Siam still have a LOT of holiday lights up and turnContinue reading “Kanchanaburi, Thailand; Day 3”

Ayutthaya, Thailand; Day 3

Today was a bit of a slow moving, discombobulated day for these 5 Adventurers. We were all a little tired from our activity yesterday and from all the Wats and ruins over the last few days. Ayutthaya has been a tougher stop than Sukhothai. Perhaps because it’s the second ancient capital and we’re less excited.Continue reading “Ayutthaya, Thailand; Day 3”

Spokane, Washington; Day 2

We had a fantastic day in Liberty Lake with Brian’s sister Tanya and her family. Liberty Lake is just east of Spokane in Eastern Washington. All four of Tanya’s kids were home to see their cousins. We started the day with a board game, which is a treat for the 5 Adventurers. We learned thatContinue reading “Spokane, Washington; Day 2”

Portland, Oregon; Day 1

Driving Day. We drove to Detroit. Detroit, Oregon that is. Actually we were only driving through Detroit on our way to our next destination.  We have arrived in Portland and have now logged 1,498 miles on the road. Cousin Melissa prepared a fantastic Sunday meal for the entire family at Jessica & Kevin’s house inContinue reading “Portland, Oregon; Day 1”