Butte, Montana; Day 2

The intrepid travellers remained in Butte for their adventures today. We plan to stay here until Monday the 12th before moving on to Billings, Montana.

There is a very pleasant spot in Butte named Stodden Park where the kids played on large mining-themed playground equipment. It’s an homage to the copper mining that made this a boom town in the 19th century.

Brian and Tiffany sought shade as the temperature was reasonable but the sunshine at this elevation (5500 feet) can feel toasty. A steady breeze was helpful but our pop up shade tent will come with us if we return.

Stodden Park Entrance in Butte, Montana

The kids climbed a replica of Big Butte at the park. We may add a climb up the real one to our list whilst in town.

After our obligatory stop at the local library to cool off and check out some books, we all went to the local water park. They had some cool features like a lazy river, long slides and a climbing wall.

Suaram Attempts to Climb Ridge Waters Wall

Needless to say, the kids were pretty wiped out and were asleep before sunset (9:21p).

The kids really want to bowl tomorrow. More adventures to come!

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