Butte, Montana; Day 5

Today was our last full day in Butte and we resolved to do some of our favorite things. The kids played at Stodden Park once again and then spent some time in the pool practicing their underwater handstands and somersaults. Tiffany finished the puzzle with one missing piece and oddly a duplicate one as well. 500 pieces as promised but less satisfying than usual.

Brian took the opportunity to visit Big Butte and enjoyed a short hike.

Another Ornate Sign in Butte, Montana
Trail to Big Butte

The Adventurers regret to inform you that we chose not to mount an expedition to Our Lady of the Rockies. Given the fragility of the van, this was about as close as we actually got. She’s 90 feet tall so we did catch a glimpse from miles away

Our Lady of the Rockies (from Butte)
Telephoto Shot of Our Lady of the Rockies

We all feel refreshed and recharged, ready to move on to a new destination. Tomorrow we test out our transportation strategy as we cross the Continent Divide. Wish us all good fortune and we shall update you from Billings 🤞.

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