Butte, Montana; Day 4

It was a quiet day for the 5 Adventurers in Butte. Pool time, an afternoon movie, progress on the jigsaw puzzle and other normal life kinds of things.

It seemed a good day to share some trip tidbits that haven’t made it into the daily posts over the three weeks since we left San Clemente.

Tidbit #1 – We’ve almost managed to clean out our random supply of stuff from home. It was hard to live in our house and use everything consumable just in time before we left, so some of what we brought with us was a strange assortment of snacks, ziplock bags, powdered shake mix, shampoo in Costco size bottles and a seeming endless supply of half-full bottles of sunscreen. (Where did they all come from?) Our plan was to use/eat the supply as we did our road trip which is having some mixed results. The shake mix didn’t survive the temperature in the bear box at Yosemite so we said goodbye to that clumpy mess earlier than expected. Thankfully we recently finished the 32 oz container of body wash. Suaram and Tiffany are relieved not to smell like Old Spice ‘Timber with Sandalwood’ anymore. Now if we can just get through that value box of crumbs formerly known as Nutri-grain bars.

Tidbit #2 – Hungry Horse, MT – a town of ~630 people – hosted the longest 4th of July fireworks show we’ve ever experienced. Over two hours of flashes, pops and bangs with the show ending after midnight. Apparently we witnessed the annual Fireworks Battle waged between two factions in town to see who can put on the best show. We’re not sure of the exact judging criteria (according to a local it’s the kind of thing where you know the winner when you see it, the prize being a year’s bragging rights) but we’re sure duration must be worth a LOT of points.

Tidbit #3 – we’ve started trying to get some school days in the books despite it being summer break (which the kids are quick to point out). Our first attempt was a writing assignment of what they liked the most at the Monterey Aquarium. The latest was answering reading comprehension questions for the first few Chapters of a story about the Boxcar Children’s adventures in Yellowstone National Park. Turns out, this ‘road schooling’ will take some practice for the new teachers. Good thing the kids are coaching us through it.

Hope everyone had a good Saturday. More adventures tomorrow.

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