Jackson, Wyoming

The Adventurers began the day early and left West Yellowstone for Jackson, Wyoming.

We had been forewarned that Jackson was going to be super busy during this high season so we were glad to get there mid-morning. The family walked around a bit, had a snack, and shopped.

Jackson Town Square

The kids discovered a park at the base of the Snow King Mountain Resort whose chairlifts depart directly from the town during ski season.  This park was planned with the help of the local climbing community as there were several climbing blocks with a variety of challenges for all climbing skills.

Kids Climbing at Teton Boulder Park

Our primary objective for the day was to visit the Grand Teton National Park. We enjoyed our lunch beside Jenny Lake at the base of the Tetons. 

We also stopped at Oxbow Bend and captured some images of the Teton Range which were a little less inspiring than what we had hoped for.  The 4000 acre Goose Fire has been producing smoke for several days and limited winds have blown unfavorably for Park visitors. 

Tomorrow will be our last full day here and we would like to see more of Yellowstone, perhaps the “Grand Canyon of Yellowstone”.  Hopefully we can get a hike and some more wildlife into our list of adventures.

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