West Yellowstone, Montana; Day 3

Our aspirations for the day took us into Yellowstone National Park to visit several key spots.

Our first stop was at the Norris Geyser Basin which produces some of the oldest and hottest springs in the Park. Steamboat Geyser shoots spray up to 300 feet into the air and had a significant eruption just 8 days ago.

Steamboat Geyser

The kids were in an other-worldly environment and remained somewhat detached in their own stories as Mom & Dad walked several places behind.

Kids working the real world into their imaginary one.

One of the interesting aspects of the thermal features in Yellowstone is how they sound. Many people see pictures of the sites or can imagine the sulfur smell. But we hadn’t anticipated the gurgling, blub-blub-ing, splashing and hissing. We put some short videos at the bottom of the post with some of the sounds if you want to hear it.

The family also went to the “Grand Canyon of Yellowstone” in the afternoon. Brian and Tiffany were so impressed with the views and getting a pic that we lost track of the kids for a while. They made their way safely back to Bob the Jeep as did the slightly flustered parents.

Great looking parents in front of the Lower Falls. But where are those kids?
Elk Rule the Roads at Yellowstone

Once we were all together again, we spotted some Elk crossing the road and finished our visit by stopping at West Thumb Geyser Basin. This is a geyser grouping which feeds directly into Yellowstone lake.

Brian was fooled into thinking that this was West Michigan

One last note of importance. Our 5 Adventures Together have completed a quest!

We started playing the ‘License Plate’ game back in Monterey and got a big boost in Yosemite. But it took until today to get all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Behold the final state license plate (confirmed by 2 or more Adventurers) on this North America leg of the journey!

Think: Rhymes with Trish, not Truck

Sounds of Norris Geyser Back Basin

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