West Allis, Wisconsin

Today started with wonderful French Toast and Sausage courtesy of Aunt Kathy and Uncle Henry. The rest of the day was quiet on the adventure front.

It tried to rain but only managed a light shower and some sprinkles at various times during the day. Brian helped set up a new printer, we started getting our documents and gear ready for our first overseas trip later this week, and Tiffany and the kids played an intense game of Clue. CreeperKitty won by correctly determining it was Mr. Green with the Knife in the Conservatory (NOT Colonel Mustard).

We decided a dinner out was in order and enjoyed a great meal at Ann’s Italian Restaurant run by a family friend Jeff Dietz.

Suaram pretend slept through the photo but woke up for the killer pizza.

Brian, the kids and Aunt Kathy

Aunt Kathy had the shrimp margarita pizza (a favorite of her sister Mary) and the kids had their typical 1/2 bacon and 1/2 bacon + pineapple + black olives. Brian got a favorite Weisse style beer which can be difficult to find except but easier in Milwaukee.

Shrimp Pizza and a big Weisse for Brian

Before we ended the evening with some Olympics viewing, Tiffany and the kids played a little game we made up called ‘Geography Dash’. There was a US Map painted on the ground at the local elementary school. When Tiffany shouted the name of a state, the kids had to run and stand on that state. You can tell from the video it’s a little bit of learning, a little bit of exercise and a little bit of fun. (CreeperPuppy would say a very little bit of fun). Who knows – maybe it’ll catch on and be the next craze.

Our new game

Good night everyone!

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